My clients have included:

  • Acute/Foundation Trusts within the South West and West Midlands
  • Mental Health Partnership Trusts across the South West and South East
  • NHS England
  • Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex.
  • Former NHS Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities across South West and South East
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Community Interest Company
  • NHS Plus
  • Welsh National Institute for Social Care and Health Research Clinical Research Centre
  • NHS Blood and Transplant Service
  • Skills for Health
  • Several General Practices in the South West
  • Local Charities

The following case studies provide examples of some projects I have undertaken:

Organisational Change

During 2014/15 I supported the establishment of the Bristol Dementia Partnership, a partnership between Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Alzheimer’s Society. This involved working as part of the Operational Implementation Team, management of the TUPE transfer of staff into the new organisation and staff engagement prior to transfer, followed by induction, and an organisational change programme to slot staff into new roles and new teams. This was a very successful change process avoiding redundancies and engaging with staff to develop the new service in a positive environment.

Glenys has worked with Devon Partnership Trust and the Alzheimer’s Society (as Bristol Dementia Partnership) over the past 10 months as a workforce lead. She has led the work to support staff TUPE from one organisation to the new organisation as well as keeping all workforce/HR processes on track. This very successful work ensured that no person was made redundant, there were no grievance cases and staff have fed back how supported they have felt by the work Glenys has led on.

From a personal perspective, as the overall operational lead, I have found working with Glenys one of the best working relationships I have had in over 20 years of working across health and social care. Her calm manner, her experience and expertise as well as her eye for detail have ensured a smooth transition of services. However, more importantly, her professionalism, caring attitude and warmth have ensured a great working relationship with staff, myself and whole project team. She kept the show on the road when sometimes it felt like we had hit the wall.

Deputy Director of Operations
Devon Partnership NHS Trust


Independent investigations into employment relations issues such as disciplinary, grievance, bullying and harassment etc. have been undertaken for a number of clients. Allegations are often complex, involving claims and counter claims, sometimes over a period of years. Attempts to manage the situation internally have often failed due to a lack of confidence in the investigation, failure to adhere to process and managers being too close to the situation to be able to retain objectivity.

As an independent investigator I am able to provide completely objective reports taking into account a review of events, the timescale and application of organisation procedures, review of the paperwork and interviews with the complainant, the person the allegations are against and witnesses if appropriate. Investigations of this nature tend to be emotionally charged and require high level interpersonal skills, and the ability to analyse evidence to produce unbiased conclusions and recommendations.

On behalf of all of the partners, I would like to formally thank you for the fantastic work that you have done for us over the last few months.

From the very outset you have been extremely approachable, good humored and professional in all that you have done. We have much appreciated your discretion, flexibility, promptness of response, patience and of course the mountains of sound advice that you have had for us all.

There is no doubt that we wouldn’t be where we are today without your incredibly thorough investigation and subsequent detailed report.

General Practitioner

Workforce Planning

I have supported several organisations to develop a Strategic Workforce Plan.  This has involved training managers, using the national ‘Six Steps’ approach, production of templates, collating data and management input, researching the national and local labour market, and producing a comprehensive report for the Trust to take forward.

As an Associate of Skills for Health I have also facilitated a number of workforce planning skills workshops in a range of organisations including Acute and Community providers, CCG and Local Education and Training Boards.

I contracted for Glenys to lead on the development of the integrated workforce plan for the NHS within South Devon. Both Boards of Directors for whom this work was undertaken were extremely pleased with the product and impressed with the way the work had been undertaken.  Without hesitation I would recommend Glenys for her professionalism, hard work, commitment and experience.

HR Director